Dear colleague,

It is a great pride for the whole team of Greco Gres to get in touch with you again in order to invite you to visit our booth in CEVISAMA Valencia, a new edition that rises with renewed spirit to present the new trends for the ceramic industry with high expectations for it.

We return with big enthusiasm to share with you this very special event. This year we celebrate our 75 anniversary, seventy five years of experience and commitment that has allowed us to position ourselves as a leading company in the manufacturing of technological ceramic by extrusion, a unique technology in the world, backed by the most demanding international standards and certifications.

It appears that all projections show a favorable change in our industry and we want to take advantage of this fair wind to share with our clients an enjoyable journey in 2017. But we do not want to be drifted by the current. In order to sail more and better, we will present important developments that will strengthen our position in the high-end market , which include new ideas that reproduce the natural beauty of wood and quarried marble and stone of the Arttek collection, and the new designs for Frontek ventilated facade system.


We would be pleased to welcome you in our booth where you will see the endless creative  possibilities that Klinker Greco products can provide, and Venatto to cover any surface.


We look forward to welcoming you to show you the latest novelties of our brands in CEVISAMA, which will take place 20th to 24th February in Valencia fair. Our booth will be located in Pavilion 2, Level 2, Stand B-24.